Che Guevara: A Biography (Introduction)

bioBy Daniel James, re-issued with an introduction by me.

Here are excerpts from my introduction.

“In an odd way Communism and Stalinism were what James and Guevara had in common.  James had used his literary talents to oppose Communism for nearly two decades when he began the Guevara biography.  So what better project for a staunch foe of Communism than to attack the image of Che Guevara, almost sanctified by much of the international Left?  Did the CIA encourage James to do so?…One cannot be sure, but it seems likely.”

* * * * * *

“It is clear that James wanted to prevent Guevara from rising from the grave and lending an almost sacred aura either to Communism or to the radical New Left, then in its heyday in the United States.   It is this effort that makes James’s book interesting.  It gives readers not only a glimpse of a political attitude from the 1960s that is often overlooked, but a view of Guevara that they will not get elsewhere.”