last-stand-for-the-xinguThis is a comedy about a young British Foreign Service officer (although he could easily be American) who decides to give up his career and live with the aboriginal people deep in the Xingu (pronounced shing-GOO) region of Brazil. There are three other characters–a young woman, who thinks his plans interesting, or at least amusing, and his mother and an older colleague, both of whom think he has lost his mind. They try in various ways to dissuade him. The action takes place in the Rio de Janeiro airport.


The play was requested for an evening of three one-acts at Cambridge University on the theme of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. I was asked to do Heaven. Later the show was performed at the Summer Festival of the Source Theatre in Washington, DC, to full houses and enthusiastic audiences. Later it has had two stage readings (performances with scripts in hand), one at Cambridge University and another in Washington, DC, performed on behalf of Palisades Village, a community-service organization.

Type:  One-act