Swedes on the Danube

Swedes on the DanubeThis is a highly-stylized play that focuses on four nuns in an Austrian convent during the Thirty Years War of the 17th century, although audiences need not know any of the history to understand the play perfectly. The women assume they will be captured by French soldiers but soon learn that their captors will be Swedes, whom they consider far more frightening. The play is a metaphor for life and death, but it also asks specifically what should we do when time is short… as it always is. Each character reacts in a very different way.


First produced at Cambridge University, the play then went to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where the daily newspaper, The Scotsman, called it “a beautiful, finely-cut diamond of a play…With classical sparseness and precision…” The play later was produced again at Cambridge University, this time as a staged reading at Clare Hall, one of the university’s colleges.

Type:  One-act