Through Blood to Green Pastures

Through Blood to Green Pastures

This full-length play explores the difficulties of containing violence. Focusing on a young Irish pacifist and a British Army captain in the late 1970s, it tells the story of two sides struggling for justice as they see it, and both trying to do what they believe is the Lord’s work....

Madam Ambassador

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This is a musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, which is set in 1930s gangster mode in an unnamed American city—think Chicago. The image here of Cyrano comes from the Cambridge program. History: I was asked by Griff Rhys-Jones,...

The R-B Affair

The R-B Affair is a light-hearted, one-act comedy focused on the grandiose dreams of an American ambassador posted to a developing country who aspires to be as renowned as George Kennan or Henry Kissinger. He intends to demonstrate a history-making...
Director's chair

The Director

The lead, William, is a boy 81/2 who throughout the play fantasizes about all the great questions—life, war, love, sex—while his mother, off-stage, calls to him impatiently to get dressed so they can go out. During the piece, his fantasies are...
Swedes on the Danube

Swedes on the Danube

This is a highly-stylized play that focuses on four nuns in an Austrian convent during the Thirty Years War of the 17th century, although audiences need not know any of the history to understand the play perfectly. The women assume...

The Death of Big Momma

A sniper kills people he does not know but not at random. He is very selective, believing that he is an artist, a reformer, and a crusading terrorist. He is clear about his art but not his motives, especially about...


This is a comedy about a young British Foreign Service officer (although he could easily be American) who decides to give up his career and live with the aboriginal people deep in the Xingu (pronounced shing-GOO) region of Brazil. There...

Remember Nora?

A 10-minute sequel to Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” the play opens with Nora shouting “Torvald, I’m back!” She has taken a course in assertiveness in New York. Meanwhile, Torvald is in bed with Christine, who mistakenly thinks he got a...

Atoning for Joan

The play presumes that the two characters are America’s first two women fighter pilots to go into combat and that this is their first combat mission. It explores certain issues for women in war, in this case whether the true...