Turning Points

Turning Points
Turning Points

Stories of Love, Crime, and Faith

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This is a new edition of a book previously published with the title “Impure Thoughts”

The Arsonists
A high-school loner plunges into a series of pointless felonies and forces a terrified younger schoolmate to become an accomplice. Weller, a volunteer policeman, must fight his own chief before he can stop it all.
The Stunt
Weller, an ex-Navy pilot, helps a young protégé learn to fly. But he should have known more about his new friend first. The result is spectacular but disastrous.
The Return of the Visigoths
Vivid daydreams help Larry, 18, escape painful realities. Sometimes he’s a handsome cavalier, sometimes a fearless Roman soldier.  But his daydreams become real when he meets an older, married woman, and his troubles vanish—until the crash.
God’s Phone Booth
Larry, 12, has a serious problem–religion, but he thinks it’s sex. The people who could help him, his mother and a priest, only confuse him more.

Reviewer and Reader Comments

“…In Ryan’s stories, two brothers come of age negotiating the pitfalls of love, sex, religion, daring and crime.
“It’s guy’s lit, but fascinating to any woman who ever had a brother, son or partner who skirted along these same dangerous byways.”
(Kristie Miller, NewsTribune, LaSalle, Ill., February 11, 2005)

”…[Turning Points] is a mature mixture of realism, romance, and thrills. The book remains realistic without being didactic, and entertaining without being absurd. Nostalgic, immensely entertaining, and at the same time thought provoking, these stories would form a perfect gift to give to one’s friends.” (BookWire, February 1, 2005)

‘…[Turning Points] is the perfect take-along book—only [131] pages, literally short and sweet.
The four novellas connect through the two main characters in all four stories, Larry and his brother, Weller. Readers will be entertained by the intense interaction of these two protagonists with the other all too familiar characters in the novellas….
The author touches on real life situations and places his characters in some precarious circumstances. With stories that most of us can relate to and characters that all of us have met sometime in our life; nostalgia and vulnerability loom large in this collection making it a crowd-pleasing narrative. (Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews)

“…Enjoyed [Turning Points] very much…In particular, thought the first one, “The Arsonists,” one of the scariest things ever read…Congratulations.” (Michael Grosvenor-Myer, formerly a literary and theater critic for The Times (London) and The Guardian).

“…I’ve just spent a most enjoyable 45 minutes in God’s Phone Booth [title of the fourth tale] chuckling away at the mental gymnastics of a 12-year-old…I enjoyed the four novellas. Read each one in a single sitting. You certainly write with a wonderfully flowing style, very conversational, easy to read. I hope we can look forward to other works down the line. (Frederic Hunter, former foreign correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, writer for network and public television and author of Africa, Africa!, a collection of short stories.)