Amanda’s Autobiography

Amandas AutobiographyA girl’s account of her fabulous first decade (told with help from her grandfather). It is a e-book published by Miniver Press in Washington, DC, and carried on A link below will take you immediately to the book’s site on Amazon.

Amanda is a creature of my imagination, but, like much fiction, this book is inspired in many places by real persons and events. Memories of my granddaughter, Katie, for example, helped me write many of the episodes recounted in this book.

Here is the story in Amanda’s own words:

“This is the story of my first decade, highlights of it really.  When I got the idea, I didn’t know much about writing an autobiography, which I have been told is what this is. So I asked my grandfather, my dad’s dad, if he would do it.  That would be impossible, he said.  If he wrote it, it would be a biography not an auto…blah, blah, blah (he’s such a stickler sometimes). But he agreed to help.  And as a result, he snuck himself into the story a fair bit, getting more than his nose into the tent, you might say.  But that’s OK; he really was an important supporting actor, and, best of all, he never forgot who was the star—me.”

Here is an excerpt:

Up in the galleries, in a long corridor, stood a large statue of Venus, naked.  Poppy looked at it a great long time. I thought he was falling in love.  When I got him out of her clutches, we came to a statue of Bacchus, naked.  He was nice.  Maybe there was something to this art stuff.  Poppy says he had to pry me loose. I think he says that just to distract attention from his outrageous behavior with Venus.”

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